Young Red Necked Grebes in NH?

by Tracy
(Conway, NH)

young grebes in NH

young grebes in NH

young grebes in NH young grebes in NH young grebes in NH young grebes in NH

These 4 young birds have been hanging out in my pond for the last week. I've been watching them with binoculars. This morning I walked down closer and got some photos and a minute of video.

They are smallish, about the size of a call duck, with pointy yellow bills and dark legs. They were standing on the bank yesterday and are very white from the waterline down; some white shows at the end of the wing when they float. Saw one stretch and flap and there's more white under the wing.

They are very busy diving and foraging the pond: lots of frogs and crayfish, but no fish here.It's manmade, springfed and about maybe 50'x80'. Quite low at this time.

I have not seen them fly, although they did appear to be gone when I checked late yesterday. However, they are there this morning. I'm between Conway Lake and the Saco River, so they have lots of options.

If they are red-necked grebes, I believe that would make them unusual for Carroll County, NH.

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Aug 18, 2012
They're back!
by: Tracy

The single remaining bird mentioned in the last post left the next day. After a week of no activity, tonight we have party of two.

The not-a-grebe juvenile Hooded Mergansers (two of them) returned this evening to the pond.

They look great; actively foraging underwater, bathing, etc.

Aug 11, 2012
Grebeless in Conway
by: Tracy

They are, in fact, juvenile Hooded Mergansers.
And still very neat!

Aug 11, 2012
Grebe update
by: Tracy

The grebes had been at the pond intermittently this past week. Then we had a terrific storm two nights ago with several trees and limbs down in the woods around the pond. Today I walked down and found a single grebe foraging in the pond. Don't know if it got separated from the other three temporarily or if something happened to them. Also got some new photos and video. Would like to add them to this page if possible...

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