yellow bellied birds

by joy
(orlando, fl)

Recently I saw 2 yellow bellied birds with some red and maybe brown or black on their top coat. They were flying in and out my red bottom brush tree and having a good time flying from one branch to another. These birds were beautiful but unfortunately I saw them from a distance. Their striking colors caught my eye since I have never seen these birds before. Are they yellow bellied flycatchers or palm warblers? I lived in Orlando, Florida and I have my daily mornings of seeing red cardinals, bluejays, and woodpeckers in my backyard. I have noticed seeing an increase in birds since I planted my red cardinal brushes that my mom had given me last winter. The birds love my palm, red maple leaf, and red bottom brush trees.

If you lived on the western coast, I would say you're describing a Western Tanager. Unfortunately they're not found in Florida. Possibly a warbler, but without a photo, it's really difficult to hazard a guess. Sorry

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