by Dan
(Ocoee fl)

Looking for more information about Red Belled Woodpeckers. My project is to build birdhouses and watch the birds using an IR camera (from inside the birdhouse). I currently have one birdhouse that a Red Bellied woodpecker has claimed. At first the male woodpecker lived in the house for 2+weeks. 3 days after he left the female arrived and has been spending the night for over 2 weeks. The male can be seen looking inside the house during the day but never spends the night.

How do I know if the female is going to lay eggs or not? Maybe she is just spending the night. We are hoping to view the start of another generation.

This video can be seen live just follow the link below. Im new to this and I get knocked off Youtube every day. So there might be times when you look and find its not on. Try again a little later. We do stream this video every day. The female usually arrives around 08:10 - 08:30 pm EST.

To view, look for the video that says 'Live Now'

search for - ocoee fl birdhouse1

Any information about the bird would be appreciated.



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Jun 13, 2017
woodpecker NEW
by: Brook

Hi Dan,

Bird houses need to be specific to the species, and there are free plans online.

There isn't any way you can know ahead of time whether she will lay or not, but it sounds like you are keeping a close eye on the nest.
Unless you are experienced about peeking inside the nest, I'd suggest you do a lot of studying before you begin. Nesting season is extremely stressful on nesting birds and they may even abandon the nest.


READ THE SECTION ON BREEDING , this will answer one of your questions


THIS LOOKS GREAT-THEY HAVE A FACEBOOK PAGE where you could get some answers and also their own MEETUP (a group of other birders)

I hope you enjoy many new families in the future, HAPPY BIRDING

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