Wooden Bird Feeders

Wooden bird feeders have always been my favorite style of wild bird feeder.

I have always used various types of bird food to attract a wider variety of wild birds.Wooden feeders are available in many shapes and sizes, allowing for the use of many types of wild bird food. But for me the real joy of using a wooden feeder comes from how natural it looks in my garden.

There many different wooden bird feeders available. Choosing only one may be the hardest part. Some bird feeders are decorative in style and design, while others will provide functionality with a more natural look.

You can purchase a pre-made wooden bird feeder or you can make your own wooden bird feeder. I have several projects to choose from, click here to learn more.

If you prefer to purchase a bird feeder that is ready to use, you need to decide on the type of wild birds you are trying to attract and the types of wild bird food you are going to use.

Most backyard birds can be attracted using black-oil sunflower seed. This type of seed can be used in hopper bird feeders, gazebo bird feeders or tray feeders. As you can see below, there are many beautiful wooden bird feeders available in these styles. These types of feeders are perfect for attracting cardinals, blue jays, mourning doves or juncos, as they prefer a level platform from which to feed.

Tree clinging birds such as, woodpeckers and nuthatches love suet bird food. Suet bird food can be offered from a specially designed wooden bird feeder. There are several nice examples below.

As you can see, you can combine beauty with practical functionality. Wooden bird feeders will blend in with the natural look of your bird garden allowing you to observe the wild birds in your backyard in a more natural setting. These bird feeders will provide you with years of birding pleasure and make a great gift as well.

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