winter feeding

by roma
(buena park ca)

these are some general observations on feeding, one. put all bird food in metal cans with tight fitting lids and/or tightly close bag then seal in a freezer bag. i learned this the hard way after bird seed had pantry moth eggs in it. what a mess!

two, if you find moths in bag, feed it to the birds, they love a bit of protein!

three, throwing seed on the ground is easier if you have third of a cup measuring cup, throwing in a wide area means not one kind of bird can hog it all, i throw mine in different directions.

fourth, please do not feed bread to waterfowl, a beautiful black swan was killed thst way, bread in the water gets botulism bacteria and the neurotoxin paralyzes the birds so they can,t hold their heads up and they drown. i use popcorn to feed them, they love it and will eat it right out of your hand.☺

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Jan 23, 2018
winter feeding
by: roma

thank you brook, i forgot many people don,t live in a dry environment like i do. i was thinking of snow, not rain. putting out bread would quickly mold if it got wet.

i,ve noticed that my indian hawthorne produces many pink flowers that hummers and bees go for. most places around here cut it severely, like boxwood.
if it,s allowed to grow naturally, the sprigs of flowers smell sweetly, then later put out berries that first are green then purple, then dk blue.i,ve noticed each sprig only gets one berry at the terminal end of the sprig, kind of like a lollypop.

i,ve seen sparrows, mockingbirds, and especially the yellow rumped warber eating these now. i loosely shape the bushs after most berries are eaten, and before it starts sending up sprigs, about beginning of february till about mid month. i live in the greater los angeles area.

Jan 23, 2018
winter feeding
by: Brook

Thank you Roma, if anyone lives in the NW like I do here in Oregon, throwing seed on the ground can be deadly for birds. It doesn't take more than a day or two for seed to absorb the damp and grow mold spores. Birds are extremely receptive to disease and their bodies are not capable of dealing with mold or the spores. So if you do put seed on the ground only throw out a tiny handful (not even a full handful) of seed a day and don't use Songbird seed that has red millet in it because the birds don't eat the red it just sits on the ground and grows mold. Black oil sunflower seeds are the most economical and nearly all seed eating birds like them.

Bread is never a good option for any bird. They love bread like we love candy however, it bloats in their stomach and makes them feel full, consequently they don't get the nutrients they need to survive the winter and the young don't grow strong enough to survive into adulthood.

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