Window Bird Strike Prevention

Need ideas for window bird strike prevention? Sadly, millions of birds are killed each year from flying into windows.

Birds strike windows because they can't tell window reflections from trees, plants and sky.

Research has identified solutions to guard against bird window strikes.

The easiest solution to prevent window bird strikes is apply decals to the outside of the window. Ideally you want patterns that the birds can see, but don't obscure your view.

Decals are a great alternative to other techniques. To be effective, however, they usually must be spaced more closely than recommended by manufactures. They may block more of the glass surface than other options.


For some reason, most birds will avoid windows with 1/4 inch vertical stripes spaced one inch apart.

Use tape to create patterns. Duck tape comes in a range of colors and tears easily to make lines of different widths.


Apply Tempura paint freehand with brush or sponge, or use a stencil. Tempera is long-lasting, even in rain, and is non-toxic. It will come right off with a damp rag or sponge.

Feather Guards

String fluttering feathers across your window and break up the reflections that birds perceive as open fly-space. Birds will avoid the constant motion and stay away.

Window Netting

If you don't want to alter the glass itself, you can stretch lightweight netting, screen, or other material over the window. The netting must be several inches in front of the window, so birds don't hit the glass after hitting the nets.

Bird Netting

Some companies sell screens that can be attached with suction cups or eye hooks.

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