Will the Baltimore Orioles come back?

by Debbie Woodard
(ashtabula, ohio)

Baltimore Oriole

Baltimore Oriole

The very tall cotton wood tree that several of the baltimore orioles nested in was cut down last fall, My orioles haven't been seen at my feeders, do you think they will return to my back yard?


Unfortunately it's hard to say, now that their favorite tree is gone. Your best bet is to test different foods to try and entice them to return. Orioles like cracked corn, pecan, strawberry and grape jelly, halved oranges and apples, bananas, cooked rice, grapes, raisins, suet, and peanut butter. Good luck and keep us posted.

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Jul 12, 2011
Will they come back?
by: Joleen

This spring I was getting lots of Baltimore ORIOLE'S
I don't know what happen but now I have not seen any?
Why have I not seen any? Do you think they will come back?

May 07, 2011
Birds But No Songs
by: Anonymous

We have loads of orioles at our feeder but hear NO oriole song in the neighborhood. Our golf course is alive with their singing so we know the tune but are missing it at home.

Jun 12, 2010
Tree removed also
by: Anonymous


I too had a 85 foot sycamore tree removed from my yard a month ago and I have not seen an Oriole? my neighbor 3 houses away has seen them. I have an Oriole feeder out and several half oranges but nothing yet.

I saw my first Baltimore Oriole last fall on the ground under my Sunflower feeder 2 times near dark.

I live in Eaton Ohio

May 10, 2010
they're here!!!!
by: Anonymous

Finally,2 male orioles at my feeder this morning on May 7th, was beginning to think they wouldn't return to my feeder because of their favorite nesting tree had been chopped down.

Congratulations! Found a video of Baltimore Orioles so we can enjoy what you are watching!

May 04, 2010
Still No Orioles!!!
by: debbie

May 4th and still no orioles at my feeders, they have been sighted about seven miles away from my home at a friends house, is it time to give up?

Comment No don't give up! They likely are busy building a nest somewhere else - where there's a tree. You could try putting out short lengths of white string, which they love for their nest building.

However, they may not show up until after the eggs have hatched. They will be very hungry at that point.

Yellow-headed blackbirds come to my yard - but only for about one week a year.

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