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Oct 15, 2017

what kind of bird is this

He looks like a cardinal but blue! i have never seen this bird before until this week

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Oct 15, 2017

what kind of bird is this and is it a baby

It can barly fly so is he injured or baby hes not that big ether his head has like fuzzy stuff

Continue reading "what kind of bird is this and is it a baby"

Oct 15, 2017

Tom Metz

Small dusky or dark gray bird, 3 to 4 inches, with a fan shaped tail. The tail had 2 yellow triangle markings, which were about 3/4 to 1 inch each.

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Oct 09, 2017

Lisa in Hummelstown

Have six of them feeding in our back yard!

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Oct 09, 2017

Need help identifying this small bird

Hello, I need help identifying this small bird, which I thought is a Sparrow, but cannot find a bird like on any material on-line, so far. This bird was

Continue reading "Need help identifying this small bird"

Oct 09, 2017

Hurricane Nate birds

These birds blew in on the tail of Hurricane Nate, very tired and hungry. I had 22 of them resting on my fencing and trees. They are rather shy and stay

Continue reading "Hurricane Nate birds"

Oct 01, 2017

Tiny furry grey bird

He's been sleeping on my front porch since at least August 30, 2017. He's about 3-4 long and looks furry, not featured. Baton Rouge, LA. I hope someone

Continue reading "Tiny furry grey bird"

Sep 30, 2017

Unknown bird

I had a bird that was feeding under my bird feeder. It only came one time.it's tan and black with a blue beak. It size is about a size of a sparrow. I

Continue reading "Unknown bird"

Sep 25, 2017

Birders in Belize

Have you considered birding in Belize? Belize is a home of over 576 species of birds that can be seen all over the country of Belize. Here at Black Orchid

Continue reading "Birders in Belize"

Sep 21, 2017

Pink bellied black bird?

We had a bird about the size of a woodpecker which acted like a woodpecker on our tree two days ago. The most distinctive feature was a light pink belly.

Continue reading "Pink bellied black bird?"

Sep 08, 2017

YellowGreen Bird ID help

This bird is about the size of a small cardinal. I have never seen it at a feeder but it comes to the bird bath. The photo is not the best but hopefully

Continue reading "YellowGreen Bird ID help"

Sep 03, 2017


A relative went to HB class. They found it is safe and more effective to use 2 water to 1 sugar. I use 4 cups of boiling water into 2 cups sugar.

Continue reading "Paul"

Sep 03, 2017

Not sure

Not sure if this a female Ruby-Throat or Rufous? Please help. Thanks

Continue reading "Not sure"

Aug 30, 2017

M Harroun

We have a bird about the size of a cardinal coming to our feeder. It feeds on the fallen seeds under the feeder. It is gray/brown in color. The beak is

Continue reading "M Harroun"

Aug 26, 2017

what is the name for this hummingbird

We have moved and not sure the name for this Hummingbird.

Continue reading "what is the name for this hummingbird"

Aug 25, 2017

Bread and porridge pudding

Bread soaked and squeeze out excess water. Sultanas or currants Porridge oats Melted lard or suet Mix all together and put in containers or spread on

Continue reading "Bread and porridge pudding"

Aug 25, 2017


I spotted this bird sitting on someone's roof in surrounding neighborhood. It caught my attention because it was all white. I tried to get as close as

Continue reading "Dove?"

Aug 21, 2017

shore bird in Vermont

long legged and sleek, brown with a white spotted neck front and breast, larger than a robin... feeding at the edge of the pond. It flew to a tree branch

Continue reading "shore bird in Vermont"

Aug 21, 2017

Please, please, please

I keep hearing this bird that I don't remember ever hearing before. I can never get a look at it, but it sounds like it's saying please, please, please....

Continue reading "Please, please, please"

Aug 15, 2017


Long Island, New York, August, blue-bird sized, brown-grey body, white head, white beak.

Continue reading "Human"

Aug 14, 2017

Strange salmon colored bird out my window

In 27 summers here in Southern Worcester County Massachusetts, I have never seen a bird like this. There were two of them in a crabapple outside my kitchen

Continue reading "Strange salmon colored bird out my window"

Aug 11, 2017

Rusty Chest, Blue Wing Tips, Brown Back, Sharp Beak

Same bird as posted few years ago under Birds at Feeder: Blue Tail and Wings, Sharp Head Yet to be identified. Certainly not a blue bird.

Continue reading "Rusty Chest, Blue Wing Tips, Brown Back, Sharp Beak"

Aug 11, 2017

Birds at Feeder: Blue Tail and Wings, Sharp Head, Mottled Chest

More photos of unknown bird.

Continue reading "Birds at Feeder: Blue Tail and Wings, Sharp Head, Mottled Chest"

Aug 11, 2017

Baby or full grown?

This tiny little grey bird with long thin beak sleeps in my porch eave every night. I thought maybe he was injured but took flight when I got close. It

Continue reading " Baby or full grown?"

Aug 11, 2017

Baby eagle?

Looks like a baby eagle not as much white on chest as the bald eagle more mixed of brown and white

Continue reading "Baby eagle?"

Aug 11, 2017

bob grawey

We heard a loud bang against the window, and I found a bird I've never seen before. It was at least as big as a blue jay, had a long black beak (estimate

Continue reading "bob grawey"

Aug 09, 2017

Can you name this bird?

Was sitting in my yard in Las Vegas NV. Wondering what kind of bird it is and the name if anyone knows it. Thank you in advance.

Continue reading "Can you name this bird?"

Aug 09, 2017

In Missouri

This bird had a reddish brown back and head with a yellow beak. White breast and underneath his brown tail feathers were white polka dots about the size

Continue reading "In Missouri"

Jul 27, 2017

partial white bird

no picture. a large flock of red-winged blackbirds and grackles were feeding in our back yard. We noticed a white bird (some feathers with a little color)

Continue reading "partial white bird"

Jul 24, 2017

Looks like a robin but totally grey

Has landed twice last week in the lilac tree just outside my office. It was no more than three feet from me. Body size, beak and tail very similar to a

Continue reading "Looks like a robin but totally grey"

Jul 23, 2017

Baby Found in the street

Baby bird with a very big beak and long toes. Barred pattern on wings and the joint of the mouth is yellow. My friend found it in the street and if we

Continue reading "Baby Found in the street "

Jul 23, 2017

What kind of hawk might this be

It most definitely had the body and beak shape of a hawk. The feathers were brown and white and the beak and legs were a bright yellow. The yellow covered

Continue reading "What kind of hawk might this be"

Jul 23, 2017

What is the bird

It is like a king fisher, but black and white and a top notch like a kingfisher in the Pacific Northwest?

Continue reading "What is the bird"

Jul 16, 2017

How many mealworms?

I was wanting to know if anyone has an idea about how many mealworms is adequate for a pair of bluebirds with 4 nestlings and also how many times a day

Continue reading "How many mealworms?"

Jul 16, 2017


male has redish throat both have long tails otherwise brown or grey feathers. cannot tell undersides. nest is on top of pillar on porch

Continue reading "Linda"

Jul 11, 2017

Something that makes you go huh?

I've been observing a pair of nesting bluebirds and I was curious as to why they do this. I've noticed and observed their behavior while feeding their

Continue reading "Something that makes you go huh?"

Jul 10, 2017

3 abandoned baby birds!?

Found these guys in a shoe box under my porch a few hours ago, obvious someone had placed them there unfortunately for these little guys. We have too many

Continue reading "3 abandoned baby birds!? "

Jul 10, 2017

identity this bird for m

This bird chirp like bird..but shape of pigeon with slight green and grey color.found near house where this bird was lying on ground and many crows were

Continue reading "identity this bird for m"

Jul 10, 2017

Isn't this unusual behavior for a mama bluebird?

I have pair of nesting bluebirds in my yard. This is second pair, first pair didn't make it. I want to try to make this as short as possible. Mama bluebird

Continue reading " Isn't this unusual behavior for a mama bluebird?"

Jul 10, 2017

Help identifying this bird

She is a red-brown on the back, light mottled with the brown on her throat and chest and belly. Up close the wings have a chevron pattern of light and

Continue reading "Help identifying this bird"

Jul 03, 2017

Name this fledgling\?

Someone dumped these babies in a shoe box under my moms deck, we will be taking them to the local Audubon Community Nature Center tomorrow afternoon. Being

Continue reading "Name this fledgling\?"

Jul 03, 2017

Baby bird found in Brooklyn

my friend found this tiny bird outside my apartment building. He said he was by himself and limping. He has a rather longish beak, gray fluff around his

Continue reading "Baby bird found in Brooklyn"

Jun 27, 2017

Rust colored, domestic bird-Memphis, TN

The bird I am trying to identify has rust colored feathers with some darker markings on its head, back and tail. But its underside is differenct shades

Continue reading "Rust colored, domestic bird-Memphis, TN"

Jun 26, 2017

Mystery Black Bird

I live in the Dallas Texas area and I have recently noticed a new bird visiting the bird bath in my back yard every day. I am pretty familiar with the

Continue reading "Mystery Black Bird"

Jun 26, 2017

Sticky birdmeal

2 Scoops of raisins,1 spoon of raw granola or Cheerios or a mixture of oatmeal,nuts and raisins,last but not least liquidish sunflower seed butter or crunchy

Continue reading "Sticky birdmeal"

Jun 26, 2017

What type of bird is this?

I saw this bird sitting in the middle of my neighbors lawn while I was cutting my grass. I had just saw a couple of cats roaming around prior so I thought

Continue reading "What type of bird is this?"

Jun 24, 2017

kristy the vet tech

june 2017 . a yellow flicker hit the window of the house. was stunned for half hour then started to come to. looks like it broke leg couldn't fly . taken

Continue reading "kristy the vet tech"

Jun 22, 2017

Bird found in Field-needing to make sure rescue is not needed

Our dog actually stumbled upon this little cutie. It didn't fly away when we walked up to see what the all the fuss was about. That lead me to believe

Continue reading "Bird found in Field-needing to make sure rescue is not needed"

Jun 21, 2017

small bird the size of a finch or sparrow in Pacific Northwest

this small mostly grey,w.black mask on face and dark blue on top half of wings

Continue reading "small bird the size of a finch or sparrow in Pacific Northwest"

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    It can barly fly so is he injured or baby hes not that big ether his head has like fuzzy stuff

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    Oct 15, 17 06:42 PM

    Small dusky or dark gray bird, 3 to 4 inches, with a fan shaped tail. The tail had 2 yellow triangle markings, which were about 3/4 to 1 inch each.

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