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Apr 25, 2017

I'm a construction worker

Yes bird head like a electric blue head and then a greenish gold on the breast and the rest of the body was a charcoal color

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Apr 25, 2017

Small Finch-sized bird, black with jeweled turquoise tones

I was not fast enough to get a picture. I saw it on the ground below two feeders, one with sunflower seeds, other nyjer (sp?) seeds. When I came back

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Apr 25, 2017

Pair of grosbeaks

I have had feeders in my yard in SW Florida for about 3 years. We get about 20-30 different types of birds annually, but the most notable bird was the

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Apr 24, 2017

Red breast, long neck

I just saw a bird with a robin-red breast but a much longer neck and a longer and much more narrow beak. Any ideas? I live in Oregon, Northwestern Oregon.

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Apr 24, 2017

Another woodpecker?

Black bird with scant white spots on lower body and very distinct red spot on upper chest

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Apr 24, 2017

It is the beak color that has made ID difficult

Tourquoise bird, cardinal size and similar wing pattern and has a beige beak. Except for the beak color, looks like a Indigo Bunting. Is this a juvie??

Continue reading "It is the beak color that has made ID difficult"

Apr 24, 2017

What kind of bird is this?

Never seen before?

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Apr 20, 2017

Unknown Visitor

This bird has black and white wings, some yellow on breast and some orange spots. Was at my birdfeeder in Hyde Park (Boston) MA.

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Apr 20, 2017

Larger bird with red head and back..hawk .

There are two of them that I am pretty sure are making a nest in a whole in the tree. Larger in size reddish colored back and when I shot a picture I

Continue reading "Larger bird with red head and back..hawk ."

Apr 20, 2017

who is this

a small bird flew in to my house today its green in color small it has black strips on wings very small beak and way too cute, its hardly the size of palm

Continue reading "who is this"

Apr 20, 2017

Help!what type of bird is this ?

It's Brown with wings that kind of look like leaves and has a pointed beak

Continue reading "Help!what type of bird is this ?"

Apr 18, 2017

cardinal or other.

I thought it was a cardinal but not sure. It had bright red beak but all the rest was brown even tail and underside. I thought it might be the female but

Continue reading "cardinal or other."

Apr 17, 2017

Almost hit this bird in Massachusetts!

A white bodied bird with medium sized brown spots and a green-blue iridescent head, about turkey sized but not as fat as a turkey.

Continue reading "Almost hit this bird in Massachusetts!"

Apr 16, 2017

Flicker found alive with broken wing on our farm

WE found a flicker on our farm April 2017 and are trying to heal it's broken wing. Have captured and placed him in a cage. We will try to feed him seeds,

Continue reading "Flicker found alive with broken wing on our farm"

Apr 16, 2017

Unknown bird no picture but good description

Orange head feathers all they way down back and wings to tail then a tannish white belly tuft with a long black beak decently fat saw moving in a tree

Continue reading "Unknown bird no picture but good description "

Apr 13, 2017

Found in my house

All spotted brown in color. Had hairs on its face pointing forward around its beak. Had all it's flight feathers and flew away when left to recover in

Continue reading "Found in my house"

Apr 12, 2017

Blue and Black Bird

Hi! I can always count on the experts to help me! Just saw a smallish bird that had a similar head as a blue jay, BUT, had black feathers on its back

Continue reading "Blue and Black Bird"

Apr 11, 2017

What is he?

He has black and grey feathers, long beak and yellow on the center of his face/head.

Continue reading "What is he?"

Apr 11, 2017

Thought it was a cardinal

I thought it was a cardinal at first glance. They were flying all over the place. Probably close to 2 dozed of them. After trying to get a shot with my

Continue reading "Thought it was a cardinal "

Apr 10, 2017

Little black bird

Little black bird with a white chest that makes a trip sound

Continue reading "Little black bird"

Apr 09, 2017

Large yellow bird comes to hummingbird feeder

Hello, This morning standing in my kitchen where I like to observe the hummingbirds, a bird I could not identify tried in vain to get food from my hummingbird

Continue reading "Large yellow bird comes to hummingbird feeder"

Apr 08, 2017

Red peaked with speckled tail feathers

We have a bunch of these birds in our yard this morning - they peck at the ground and hop around - they look like a large dove but has a red tuff of feathers

Continue reading "Red peaked with speckled tail feathers"

Apr 08, 2017

My Rose Breasted Grosbeak visitors

I live just outside Youngstown, OH and every year I have at least 3 pair of these gorgeous birds. They love my feeders; I feed black oil sunflower, and

Continue reading "My Rose Breasted Grosbeak visitors"

Apr 08, 2017

Interesting bird maybe 10-12 lbs

I've seen this bird perch on the tree outside of my office building. He sits on the branch for at least 30 minutes at a time. He doesn't do much, but

Continue reading "Interesting bird maybe 10-12 lbs"

Apr 08, 2017

Oklahoma bird. What is it?

Tall gray bird. Roughly 2 feet tall

Continue reading "Oklahoma bird. What is it?"

Apr 07, 2017

Morning visitor

This morning there was a 'visitor' on our feeders in the back yard. I was not familiar with this bird, but snapped the best picture I could (only got

Continue reading "Morning visitor"

Apr 06, 2017

City Tree Doves

We have a mourning dove nest in the bare naked crotch of a city tree here in Modesto. The weather forecast for the next few days is rain and wind. Two

Continue reading "City Tree Doves"

Apr 06, 2017

? Pine warbler

Very tiny. Gray on top, white on bottom. Yellowish throat,spot of yellow on back. Fork tail. Long beak. White eye stripe above and below eyes

Continue reading "? Pine warbler"

Apr 03, 2017

sparrow-sized all yellow bird eating suet

The spring migration has begun, and I'm seeing some strangers at my feeders. This was a little, all yellow bird, white wing bars, not a goldfinch. Lacks

Continue reading "sparrow-sized all yellow bird eating suet"

Apr 03, 2017

What's this?

Black feathers Orange feet Yellowish beak

Continue reading "What's this?"

Apr 03, 2017

Blue Bird?

I found this bird on a tree in Consumnes River Preserve, which is near Elk Grove, California. This place is considered as part of the delta.

Continue reading "Blue Bird?"

Mar 30, 2017

A pair of fat brown birds!

A pair of very fat brown birds with dark, beady eyes, beige breast and a fluffy beige ruff under the neck came to our backyard in London, Ontario, Canada

Continue reading "A pair of fat brown birds!"

Mar 29, 2017

Mary Lou Leidig

Was going to rescue what I was told was a white dove. Well, this guy was huge, probably bigger than a macaw. He had a bit of a hawk-like look but seemed

Continue reading "Mary Lou Leidig"

Mar 27, 2017

Majstic, large bird

I can't identify this bird. It was tall, and was perching in a tree over a swamp near the Kennedy Space Center parking lot. Very pronounced ruff of brown

Continue reading "Majstic, large bird"

Mar 27, 2017


We have old birdhouses in yard that are occupied and we want to replace them. When is it the best time to do so and will the birds have time to replace

Continue reading "Chris"

Mar 27, 2017

Kansas City Metro MO

Black body, Red Breast and Belly. The tail is what struck me; it looked like a white braid had been painted down the center of the tail. He was quite

Continue reading "Kansas City Metro MO "

Mar 23, 2017

Bird nesting in our yard

This tiny bird was one of a pair we discovered in a nest in our avocado tree. Unfortunately its partner died. The bird is very small, maybe 3 inches long,

Continue reading "Bird nesting in our yard"

Mar 22, 2017

Tiny bird.

it is very tiny, brownish it is not a nuthatch it is smaller, it pecks on dead trees like a woodpecker, I am in SC

Continue reading "Tiny bird. "

Mar 19, 2017

No Idea What Bird Is

It was small and on my magnolia tree in around September. Was here only that one time.

Continue reading "No Idea What Bird Is"

Mar 16, 2017

Kauai bird not listed in any books seen in March.

About 6 with dark back and buff belly. Large white circular patch on butt.

Continue reading "Kauai bird not listed in any books seen in March. "

Mar 16, 2017


Long beak bright yellow belly long tail spotted feathers

Continue reading "Lorraine"

Mar 12, 2017

bird with yellow ring around eye

Saw a bird on Indian Key in the Florida Keys. Size of a mockingbird ,mostly gray body with a black stripe on each edge of its tail. White marks,several,

Continue reading "bird with yellow ring around eye"

Mar 06, 2017

Bird seen in Alexandria, VA. Can't identify.

This bird appears to have webbed feet and a small orange beak. What is it?

Continue reading "Bird seen in Alexandria, VA. Can't identify. "

Feb 24, 2017

TN bird

I saw a pair of birds today, but did not recognize them. I did not have a camera. the upper part of their body was black and their breast/underpants were

Continue reading "TN bird"

Feb 23, 2017

Huge Black Bird

It's about the size of a wild female turkey. Is solid black with a straight, non-curved bill that is grayish black. Its underneath feathers (not tail

Continue reading "Huge Black Bird"

Feb 21, 2017


I have 2 white mourning doves. I think both are females. I get 4. Eggs per month. They do not build nests the just set on highest perch and drop an egg

Continue reading "Paula"

Feb 20, 2017


It is small like a finch or sparrow Upper two thirds of body is black and a black head,bottom third of body is a grayish colour

Continue reading "George"

Feb 19, 2017

Indiana Mystery

Hi. I live in Northern Indiana...and on several occassions have seen a flock of larger size birds, quite a ways away, and the sound carries...they almost

Continue reading "Indiana Mystery "

Feb 19, 2017


im not a birdwatcher but I saw what I think were egrets flying in vee formation.is this unusual?im in landing,nj

Continue reading "egrets"

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