Why Not Chicken Suet for Birds?

by Lilly
(Pr, USA )

Why would chicken fat suet be harmful to feed predatory wild birds? I have seen jays take baby birds from the nest as well as eggs and so forth--don't hawks kill chickens & eat them?

I put some hardened chicken fat out (ran out of beef) and the jays ate it up.

Also why wouldn't raw beef fat be okay to feed? BIRDS eat raw meat in nature? Thanks.


You ask very good questions, Lilly.

Question #1: As a point of caution, a wild bird nutritionist and wildlife manager responding to your question, discouraged the use of chick fat for the following reasons: lower melting temp & its tendency to soften.
Because it is softer than beef it can clog birds nostrils , and also wreak havoc on their feathers.

Question #2: Rendering fat is to prevent the fat from going bad.

Happy Birding,

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Why Not Chicken Suet for Birds?

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Oct 23, 2011
chicken fat with seed
by: Anonymous

I wonder the same thing - only I'd add some seed instead of or in addition to flour. This is fat skimmed off when I stew a chicken. I AM sure it might melt fast - unless hardened like recommended above. (melt harden several times) - does that process drive off liquid?

May 02, 2011
chicken fat cake?
by: Juliet

I understand about chicken fat having a lower melting point than suet. so how would it be to mix some flour into the chicken fat? That would make a solid "cake", like uncooked pie crust. I would like to know if this would be OK. Thanks.

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