White beauty

by Madeline
(Staten Island ny)

What kind of bird is this has tag on right foot

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Aug 01, 2015
If you wash your hands... NEW
by: Margaret Mariam

If you wash your hands before and after touching the bird, you will be fine. Its all a matter of common sense. You may want to post the bird on craigslist in your area - either under lost and found or pets. You have a decent chance of someone offering to take it, if you don't want to keep it.

I took care of a pigeon with salmonella for 3 weeks last fall, and I was scrupulous about washing my hand before and after touching it. It got better and went to a pigeon lover I found on CL. And neither myself nor my birds got sick.

There are viruses birds can carry, but so far it is largely the chickens carrying those illnesses. The only thing about pigeons is that you have to clean their cages OFTEN. 3-4 times @ day when you are dealing with possible illnesses.

Did you try tracing the numbers on the leg band ?


Aug 01, 2015
White beauty
by: Anonymous

Thank you, we tried calling our local Zoo thinking it was there's but, they didn't want us to bring it to them in fear it might have a virus and infect the other birds. They gave us a # of another place that might take it we call but, of no luck nobody answered. Hubby was nervous someone told him to be careful that those birds carry viruses that are dangerous to humans. Not sure what to do with him it's so sad.

Aug 01, 2015
I agree
by: Margaret Mariam

The owner can be tracked by the numbers on the band; I've done it in the past. But be forewarned: most of the time the owner won't bother to come get it and will tell you to release it. They will say it can find its way home. That ISN'T true! They can only find their way home when they are released from the original departure sight. Pet pigeons will starve to death, because they have been fed by breeders their whole lives, or worse, be killed by hawks/owls. Its a lousy, but true reality. Sometimes the owners come and take the bird, only to break its neck because a bird that can't stay on track is meaningless to them.
I hope this bird's owner is the exception. I've found someone who will take lost pigeons - but we are in MA. If the owner can not be found or isn't interested, you can keep the bird. They are usually docile pets.

Jul 31, 2015
White Beauty
by: Anonymous

This appears to be possibly some sort of homing pigeon which might also explain why it has the tag on its leg.

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