What type of bird is this?

by Pam
(Castle Hayne, NC)

I saw this bird sitting in the middle of my neighbors lawn while I was cutting my grass. I had just saw a couple of cats roaming around prior so I thought he was injured and decided to walk over to see if he was ok. As I walked toward him, he didn't even fly off but he ran fastly behind a shrub. I was softly talking to him and got a little closer and then he flew a few feet away over to my driveway. Every time I tried to get closer so I could check him over, he would run around my car and I would just keep walking behind him, it seemed as though we were playing chase ☺. He hung out in my yard and didn't leave. I have nesting bluebirds in my front yard so I had some mealworms and I went in to get him a few and he walked right up to me and took them out of my hand. I wanted to get him in back yard so I wouldn't disturb bluebirds and to also keep him safe from cats. I walked toward back yard and he followed right behind me. Right before dark he flew over fence to tree across the street. We had a bad storm last night and I worried about him. When I went out back this afternoon, I look over and he's sitting in corner of house. We spent a couple of hours together and it started drizzling so I got some towels and made him a comfy little spot in the shed ( door stays open). I kept trying to get him in there and he finally hopped on door ledge but wouldn't come all the way in. He all of a sudden flew up and off to a tree behind my house. I'm wondering if he's a baby because at times, he acted like he didn't know what to do or where to go and at one point while I was out back, he flew up to edge of roof but he looked as though he was trying to figure out how to get back down. He didn't really fly except a couple of times, but when he did, it was very short distances. He followed me foot to foot the whole time. I wish I could have brought him inside and kept him safe and warm during these days of rain and I really thought hard about it but I felt uneasy about trying to pick him up.

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Jul 01, 2017
Thank you Brook
by: Pam

Very interesting fact. I did not know this. Thanks for the info. I'm learning something new everyday. Now I'm gonna go on internet and look at the wing difference☺ Thanks again!

Jun 30, 2017
what type of bird is this?
by: Brook

Hi Pam,

Your bird doesn't look like it has any wing bars (stripes on it's wings), and it's legs and feet look very black, the House finch has two wing bars and more brownish legs and feet.

The bird in the picture would be a juvenile, based on the behavior you describe, brown-headed cowbird and it should be just fine on it's own. Cowbirds are a perching bird so if it can get up into a tree it is OK. You also need to keep your distance because if there is any dangr present the parents will be close by protecting it.

Jun 26, 2017
I saw same resemblance
by: Pam

I kinda thought the same thing after researching internet and literally determined not to stop until I knew. On another site someone commented a juvenile cowbird so I'm confused. Juvenile cowbirds do resemble it but so does female house finch.

Jun 26, 2017
new bird on driveway
by: roma

i,m not totally sure but your bird might be a house finch, a female juvenille. your description seems as if it is learning to fly, i had my pigeon i was raising on my shoulder for a walk and he took off, landed on a roof, and didn,t know how to fly down, fortunately the owner was home and got him for me. her parents are probably close by. finch food would probably be appropriate but insects are mostly what it,s parents are feeding it, protein for growing. let it be close to where you found it, and it,s parents will feed her and show her how to fly. it,s good you got her away from the cats, and fed her wire worms, you can continue to do so, and you may end up with a friend. they get pretty tame around humans, hence tbe name.

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