what kind of bird is this

by ReAnna
(Dinwiddie, va)

He looks like a cardinal but blue! i have never seen this bird before until this week

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Oct 19, 2017
what bird is this blue
by: roma

i agree, this is a blue grosbeak, the black around the eyes is the clue. very pretty. enjoy!

Oct 16, 2017
Blue Grosbeak
by: Judy-Seattle

My first impression of your photo was that it was a Indigo Bunting. So I consulted my bird book to confirm that. Then I saw the Blue Grosbeak. The book described broad rusty wing bars on the Blue Grosbeak. Although your photo is a little fuzzy, I think I can detect some rust color on the wing near the shoulder. If so, then he is definitely a Blue Grosbeak.

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