What kind of bird is this?

by Beverly
(Shreveport Louisiana)

Never seen before?

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May 06, 2017
Rose Colored Goose Beak?
by: Beth Ann

Hope I got the name right, just wanted to thank the photographer as well as the identification. I just had a pair in my feeders today as well. Sad to hear they will be moving on but glad to know why they will so I don't blame myself (or some cat).
I also had a very gray bird in my yard today, not the first time but he's new. His beak was long and very slender and he has an amazing silhouette in flight as if there were extra layers of feathers gracing his side & tale. Also some distinct lighter markings on the underside of his wings while in flight.
Thanks in-advance for any help.

May 03, 2017
Douglasville GA
by: Vickie

I have one in my backyard right now. Thank you for identifying for me!

Apr 26, 2017
Bird ID
by: Anonymous

You have A Rose-breasted Grosbeak (MALE). You are lucky to have him. They are gorgeous birds. The females don't look at all like the males but more sort of like a big sparrow but they still have the grosbeak beak and head. It likely won't be there very long because they migrate north to nest. Enjoy your Rose-breasted Grosbeak while you have him. They are very docile and beautiful birds and they sing pretty too.

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