what kind of bird is this and is it a baby

by ricky
(tracy california)

It can barly fly so is he injured or baby hes not that big ether his head has like fuzzy stuff

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Oct 19, 2017
is it a baby NEW
by: roma

i agree, this is most likely a starling and something has to be done fast. try to get some enfamil, found in the baby section, warm it, and use the eyedroppet like brook says. enfamil will have the protein it needs. also, please put a lamp with an old fashioned incadescent 60 W bulb near it in such a way that it can move towards or away from it, and keep it on, and provide water in a bowl. old flannel is great to make it a nest. this advice g came from a vet. good luck.

Oct 19, 2017
what kind of bird is this and is it a baby NEW
by: Brook


Yes, it is a very young European starling but that is very odd because they usually hatch much earlier in the year.

It looks very sick. If it is still alive it will need water instantly, this is of emergent imprtance. Use an eye dropper and only give it a drop at a time with approx 30 sec breaks in between, hold it's head up while giving it so it doesn't choke. Keep it warm, in a dark and quiet place out of drafts It will need around the clock care if it is to survive and you will not be able to provide for it's nutritious needs or be able to raise it so that it will be able to be successfully released.

Contact the nearest Audubon Society and ask them what to do with it. If they will not take it, as is often the case with non-native species,it will need a lot of protein in the form of insects.

You can do an online search for, "how to care for young european starlings".

I wish you and your little bird much love and send this with a prayer


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