What is this bird?

by Brijane Hills
(oakland pk fl)

Small, on ground, beak had yellow stripes on sides,little yellow on face , not especially timid, not tiny, beak was longish but only yellow along sides? Never seen before or since Oakland park Fla???

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Mar 08, 2018
brijane s fl. NEW
by: roma

sorry brijane got confused, a senior moment, but yes, it does winter in s florida and along the atlantic cosst.

Mar 08, 2018
yellow sided bill in mo NEW
by: roma..

hi, the shape of the bill seems to be an insect eater, and the dark bill and yellow sides of the bill are unusual. the female painted bunting may be your bird, or a warbler not in my field guide. they often have yellow on their bodies. the painted bunting breeds in mo.

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