What is this bird?

by Karen

All velvet black with a brown strip about an inch long on it's side at the wing. About the size of a grackle but not as heavy. Tail is slender, and not shortish. Eats seeds on the ground at our feeder. We live in the middle of Missouri.

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Mar 08, 2018
what is this bird NEW
by: roma

hi, i think you are seeing a great tailed grackle, the male is larger than the common grackle, and appesrs to have an irridecent brown band, but may not be so colorful in the winter, the female is brown and about the size of a common grackle, both have yellow eyes.

Jan 25, 2018
Red-Wing Blackbird
by: Judy-Seattle

Hi Karen! From your description I think your visitor could have been a Red-Wing Blackbird. Do you live near a lake, stream or marshland?

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