What Do Hummingbirds Eat?

How To Attract Hummingbirds Like Magic!

The hummingbird is the smallest bird we have. How large would a hummingbird be without its colorful feathers? Probably not much bigger than a bumble bee.

Yet they travel from Panama to Canada and back again every year of its brief life, to find flowers and the insects that infest them to supply drink and food the year around.

What tempts them so far north? Did you know that certain flowers depend upon the hummingbird? Only his tongue, that may be run out beyond his long, slender bill and turned around curves, could reach the drops of nectar in the tips of the columbines.

The Bee-balm flower, too, hides a sweet sip in each of its red tubes for his special benefit. So does the coral honeysuckle. There are a few other flowers that cater to him, especially by wearing his favorite color, and by hiding nectar so deep that only his long tongue can drain it. The canna, nasturtium, phlox, trumpet flower, and salvia also delight his eye and his palate.

Don’t you think it is worthwhile to plant his favorites in your garden if only for the joy of seeing him about?

An additional way to attract hummingbirds, of course, is to hang a feeder. It's simple to make your own hummingbird nectar for your feeder.

But don't make these mistakes!

The male hummingbird has brilliant jewel-like feathers on his throat. His mate lacks these, but her brilliancy has another outlet, for she is one of the most expert nest builders in the world.

Her nests are wonders of beauty, delicacy, and architecture. An exquisitely dainty little cup of plant down, and stuccoed with bits of lichen bound by spider web. It resembles nothing so much as a small thimble-like knot on a limb.

Two eggs, not larger than beans, in time give place to two downy hummers about the size of honey bees. The parents pump food into the throats of the babies click here to view a video. After about three weeks in the nest, the young are ready to fly; but they rest on perches the first month of their independence more than at any time afterward.

A garden full of hummingbirds, is a garden full of love.

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