walking grey bird with big body

by Shannon Kelly
(Fairview, TX)

This bird is in north east texas and was walking across a busy road 1-25-2015 Wednesday around noon. It is about 50 degrees outside. The birds were walking in a line sort of waddling. It had a big body with little head and short legs.

Could it be a grey tinamou?

I never heard of that bird!

We live in Fairview and it was a bit south of Stacy road on Country Club/1378

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Feb 01, 2017
walking grey bird with big body NEW
by: Brook

The grey tinamou would, most likely, not be as far north as Texas this time of year but anything is possible. Due to there being so many ducks, geese, and also your location it is difficult for someone not familiar to your area to guess,I would call your local Audubon Society and ask them. They should be able to give you a much better guess.

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