Very interested in a small bird outside my window!

by Chase M
(Austin, Texas)

The bird was small and very round, colored brown with a black tail as long as its body, and a white or grey chest. It kept bobbing up and down, moving its head every time it came up.

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Nov 17, 2016
behaviour NEW
by: Anonymous

The bobbing up and down behaviour, the description of the tail and colouring make me think it could be some kind of redstart. The European redstarts answer that description and the females have the grey/tawny-brown body colouring. When the bird flies off, you might see the red-orange that appears when the wings are opened (from behind).
The redstart doesn't sing exactly but makes ahigh pitched repeated sound that ends like paper being crumpled, or ballbearings, or radio crackle... and it does this all day long. Characteristic of a redstart. If you are in the uSA, maybe it has a different name.
It's one of the last birds to go to bed at night and is up VERY early often singing before it's light.

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