Unusual Pigeon

by Mary Ellen
(Hampton, CT)

An unusual pigeon has made its home in our yard, and is now a regular at our bird feeder. The head is iridescent, body dark brown or black, and the wings are brown and white in a beautiful symmetrical pattern. Haven't been able to get a clear picture with our camera. Any ideas?

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Jun 19, 2017
There are Many unusual Pigeons
by: Margaret Mariam

After decades of having pigeon-proof feeders, my feelings about them changed when I raised a pigeon hatchling last summer. Now, as a compromise with my critical neighbors, I hand feed pigeons in my yard. (Versus having platform feeders, with spillage.) And I think I have seen every possible color combination imaginable. One of the biggest differences with pigeons from other birds, is that their offspring may not look anything like its parents. A male cardinal will always be red. A blue jay will always be blue (black and white) But pigeons ? SO MANY varying patterns. Another cool thing, is that, unless it falls from a nest or is similarly affected, you never see baby pigeons. Their parents keep them in the nest until they are almost fully grown - greatly increasing their chances of survival.
Remember, pigeons are (rock) doves - worthy of the same appreciation as the peace doves. If they weren't so good at protecting their young, and each other, people might appreciate them more. But there are so many...

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