(Lafayette, Indiana )

Can anyone identify this bird. It flew into one of our windows and was stunned so I massaged it till it was better. Then put it our platform feeder to finish recovering. I can’t find it in my bird ID book.

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Mar 03, 2018
yellow green bird NEW
by: roma

hi, roma again, i think your bird is a pine warbler. please google to be sure. it,s not in my western field guide.

Mar 02, 2018
unknown bird NEW
by: roma

hi again,i was wondering if this bird was a pine sisken. lovely photo. if birds keep hitting your window or door, maybe puttingup acouple of vinyl clings would help.

Mar 02, 2018
Unknown bird NEW
by: Anonymous

Possibly vireo

Oct 29, 2017
Connecticut Warbler
by: Judy-Seattle

In the book "Birds of North America" the description of the Connecticut Warbler matches your photo. The map also shows this bird in northern Indiana. It says it the Fall the juveniles out number the adults and have a more Olive colores head and a buffy eye ring.

Oct 26, 2017
small yellow bird
by: roma

this bird is not a goldfinch. the clue is the beak. it looks like an insect eater, the yellow is very common on warblers. the tail is short which eliminates most birds. i say it is a nashville warbler.insea

Oct 24, 2017
by: Anonymous

Lesser Goldfinch?

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