Unknown bird

by Joy

Mostly white bird with black on wing. All by itself. Has come to bird feeder since 11/2015

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Jul 23, 2016
Dose this bird live in texas? NEW
by: dj.typo on skype

I just found a bird thats about 3/4th of my hand. I live in Fort Worth Texas. I seen the bird inside a dog house that the stray cats use and a cat was sitting about 8 fet from it. Leaving it alone. I feed the cats so I dont think that cat was huntting it.

I am charging my cell to get a pic of it. The bird I found is all White with a few grayish/black feathers making a strip on each wing.

Jun 09, 2016
Argentus Sablus NEW
by: N.H.T.- Leader

I have not seen this bird but I now have named it Argentus Sablus, it comes from the words sable and argent which stand for black and white in heraldry. I would not be an albino, because an albino's suppose to be darker part are yellow, and the eyes would look red because an albino's eyes are clear so you the the blood.

Apr 15, 2016
White bird NEW
by: Anonymous

Yesterday we saw a solid white bird sitting, or holding onto a sprig at top of a wild hedge type bush in a ditch. At 1st thought was a dove. Then mockingbird type look. But when we got closer it flew off where it showed some slightly faded marbled reddish tan underneath. Was flying low through the scrub. Maybe kind of like a flycatcher or ( taneger?) believe it was an albino. North Alabama
On 4/14/16

Feb 03, 2016
unknown bird NEW
by: Brook

hi Joy,
This little bird is in the sparrow family (a sparrow beak) and it is an albino and due to the black wing feathers it is difficult to ID the exact type of sparrow. I'm sure that your nearest Audubon Society would be grateful if you report it to them as a "Rare Bird Siting" because white sparrows are extremely rare.

Continue your birding and have fun,

Feb 03, 2016
Unknown bird NEW
by: Anonymous

Someone else said it was an albino goldfinch

Feb 02, 2016
Unknown bird NEW
by: John

There is a bird common to the New York area which has similar white coloration and size, some have slightly more black on wings or wing bars.

The bird is known as a Snow Bunting.

The bird at your feeder might possibly be in the Snow Bunting family or might be an albino version of a similar sized bird in perhaps the finch family.

John - Cottage Grove, MN

Feb 02, 2016
Bird type NEW
by: Anonymous

Some type of albino.

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