Unknown bird no picture but good description

(Fort Walton beach florida)

Orange head feathers all they way down back and wings to tail then a tannish white belly tuft with a long black beak decently fat saw moving in a tree got out a scope to see if I could see more but it flew off

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Apr 16, 2017
unknown bird no picture but good description NEW
by: Brook

Fort Walton,
Are you saying that this bird was orange/red from it's head down to it's rump, including it's wings, but it had a buff colored belly? And the tuft was on it's head and it was also orange/red? Did you see what color it's tail feather were?
Bird's can vary greatly within the same species but if this is an accurate description, I can't find your bird online.
I believe it must be a tropical bird that is in migration and a bit off course, unless you didn't get the best look and may describing it a little off, then it could be a woodpecker.
It would help if you could compare it's size to a robin. Was the beak as long as the rest of it's head and was it thick or thin?
I'm sorry I can't be of more help, maybe someone else will be able to give you more info.
If you have a local Audubon or Wildlife Care Center I bet they would know who's migrating!

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