Tyrant Hummingbird

by Diana
(Yorba Linda,CA)

What do you do about a hummingbird that takes over the feeder and will not share with the other hummingbirds? We finally had to take the feeder down because it would just sit on the feeder all day long, if another bird would try to drink it would chase it away. Tried to put the feeder back up and the same thing happened again.

Hi Diana. That is one territorial hummingbird. How about putting up a second feeder? Susan

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Sep 05, 2011
Nazi Hummer
by: Deanna

I've had 3 feeders on my balcony and one hummer nicknamed The Nazi sits on top of the hangar used to hang one of the feeders. She chases away any hummer that comes close. If I stand on the balcony to distract her, she flies to a nearby tree and sits there until another hummer comes close to her feeders and she flies so fast to keep them away. Its made it impossible to watch the activities of the hummers because she won't let any other hummer near the feeders. After 3 days, I finally took them down and moved them to the balcony off the bedroom where there was only one feeder and it always had hummers feeding from it. Now there are 4 feeders there and I can stand and watch them from inside the house. The Nazi came back and sat on the same hangar but there was nothing to guard. I'll see if she is there in the morning waiting. I'll give it a few days and move a couple of the feeders back.

Aug 28, 2011
Bully Humming Bird
by: Anonymous

Squirt gun.

May 23, 2011
Two Feeders
by: Anonymous

A couple years ago I hung two feeder about 2 feet apart outside of our sunroom. Got several hummers, but after a couple days, one took over both of them. (I do a lot of cross stitching so I would watch for hours.) She's feed at #1 and fly back to a Mimosa tree, preen and sit. When another hummer attempted to feed on either #1 or 2, she'd chase them away. She never drank from #2, but I changed them both - just in case. Now I still wonder who was watching who.

Apr 13, 2011
hummingbirds are cute, but can be bullies
by: Joanne

I agree with Susan on this one. I have had lots of hummingbirds at the same time, and they can be extremely territorial. I did, in fact, put out two feeders, and it did seem to help rectify the problem. He can't be at two feeders at the same time, right? Try growing some hummingbird friendly flowers, also. Natural nectar is always the best...good luck!

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