this bird visited at the same time last year-Dallas, TX

by Carol
(Dallas, TX)

July 3, 2015 on porch

I live in North Dallas, TX. Last year on July 3rd, this bird landed in our backyard and came up onto the porch. I only saw it that once. Then on June 26th of 2016, it came back, or another of the same kind. On June 30th, there were two in the back yard. I have not been able to identify this bird using various online tools or in Texas and North American bird books. I keep looking in the water bird sections, but maybe I am wrong about that. We live about a half mile from a wooded stream area in our neighborhood. Ducks stop by to eat in our yard on a daily basis. Last year a duck made her nest in the iris. I do not know for sure if the ducks and these birds live or visit the creek area, but I think so. I would love to find out what bird this is. I appreciate any help you can give me. Perhaps is is very obvious and since I don't really know birds, I am missing what is right in front of me. The photo of the bird on the back porch is from 2015. The photos in the grass are from this week, in 2016.There is only one photo which sort of shows the white tufts on the head. Sorry that the photo of the porch is not in the correct alignment.

Thanks, Carol

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Jul 02, 2016
Answer from Dallas Audubon NEW
by: Carol

This is what was written to me this afternoon:
I can tell you what your birds are -- juvenile Yellow-crowned Night-Herons (YCNH) ! Someone in Plano (TX, a suburb north of Dallas) asked me about an adult YCNH wandering around her neighbor's yard only a few days ago. She had seen juveniles like this and also second years (which are grayish-brown without all the spots) before, but never the adults. These birds like to build their nests on a large horizontal limb of a tree. If they find one in someone's back yard, they'll nest there -- especially if it's near a creek or pond or lake where they can hunt for crayfish. When the youngsters fledge, they start wandering around on people's lawns. They'll even walk right up to a door as though they were going to ring the doorbell and come in for a visit! :-) If you google the name you can find more information:
Yellow-crowned Night-Heron

So, there you go! Now I know. Thanks for the help "A Home for Wild Birds"

Jul 02, 2016
what a good idea NEW
by: Carol

Thank you for your comments. Of course, I should check with the local Audubon Society here in Dallas. I just looked and they have a page where I can post. I will ask them and report back.

Jul 02, 2016
this bird visited at the same time last year-dallas, tx NEW
by: Brook

Hi Carol, I can't help but think it is a fledgeling Green Heron even though the green heron supposedly doesn't breed there. I've searched every where online and can't find any bird in tx that looks similar but it sure looks like a young green heron to me. check with your local Audubon Society

green heron adult

Jul 02, 2016
Water bird NEW
by: Margaret Mariam

I think you are right that it is a water bird or swamp bird. What is it eating in your yard ? Has the audubon society told you if there are any specific migratory birds that pass over your home this time of year ?

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