The Rose-breasted Grosbeak treat

by Bonnie
(St. Louis, MO. USA)

We have about 4 Rose-breasted Grosbeaks visit our feeder in St. Louis, MO. This is our first Spring in our home which backs to woods and has a huge tree at the wood line.

Unfortunately the squirrels were oblitering our feeding stations set up behind the fence to our back yard. I moved the feeders under a Japanese Maple (fairly tall) that is outside the window to our sun room. I hope they still visit that close to the house.

We also have Baltimore Orioles, Indigo Buntings and the usual Woodpeckers, Cardinals, finches and Chickadees. We have two Shepard's Hooks with a 3-D nut and berry block the Rose-breasted Grosbeaks go crazy over. We also provide a song bird suet the Orioles love, and the usual finch food and wild bird medley snack stack food.

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