The prettiest bird i have seen at my feeder so far.

by Joanna
(Defuniak Springs Florida )

I started avid bird feeding here in North Florida about 1 year ago
i have been using safflower seeds nyjer seed sunflower chips and even some basic wild bird seed mix. I even did some meal worms and saw gorgeous bluebirds br i have seen some very pretty birds cardinals chickadees titmouse and towhees ( I did. ot know any of those names except cardinal before i started bird watching) and I have been learning a lot
Today however as i was making my bed i looked out my window and saw the most gorgeous black and white coloring at my feeder. my first words to myself were, oh my how beautiful what kind of bird is that?
i watched for a while tried to take a picture without scaring it away
then it moved to another side of the feeder and that is when i saw the gorgeous red chest
Now i really had to know what this bird was
shortly in came a brown bird same size same face etc i knew that was the female
my research led me to learn i had been privileged to see the red chested grosbeak pair

have been at my feeder several times today
oh i hope they hang around a few days maybe build a nest here that would be so very cool

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Apr 26, 2018
the prettiest bird i have seen at my feeder so far. NEW
by: Brook

thank you for sharing Joanna. My birds seem to be coming in mated pairs too and I am thrilled.

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