tan bird with black bow tie shape on chest

by Linda
(Valley Springs, CA USA)

Saw this bird, a little smaller than a collared dove, in the foothills in northern California. Any idea what it is? Never saw one with a bow tie before, but a friend said she saw one recently as well, in March, 2018.

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Apr 12, 2018
tan bird with black bow tie shape on chest NEW
by: Brook

Hi, You haven't given a complete description of a northern flicker but I'm guessing that's what you saw.

The Red shafted northern flicker is a woodpecker with a medium length black beak, it's eats and ants and other insects. It is tan and has black spots on it's chest and belly, the under side of it's tail and it's tail feathers are red. The male has a red swoosh on each side of his face but the female lacks this mark.

Red shafted northern flicker
This is a wonderful site with a lot of information on the different species:

here are some pictures of a flicker

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