Swallows in Bluebird House

by David

Hello Susan, I was wondering if you can answer a

question for me. I built a bluebird house and hung it up near my garden. Swallows have taken to it and unfortunately there are dying in it. I don't care that the swallows are attracted to it -both birds eat bugs. But, the swallows get in and apparently can't get out. I noticed it when I was in the garden and I heard knocking from inside the bird house. I looked inside and 4 dead and 1 alive swallow. After opening the house the one flew away. Can you give me some help with this? I want the birds for the garden but have taken
the house down since the swallows are dying in it.

What a sad story! Swallows usually prefer nesting platforms. What is the size of the hole of your birdhouse? Hopefully someone can give us some suggestions. Susan

I think I may have solved my problem. I put a predator guard on the outside of the house and lowered it to just about 5 1/2 feet off of the ground. No swallows are even going near it and there are a few bluebirds looking to rent. I think it may be a little late for them to move in but we'll see.

Thanks for your help.

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Jun 12, 2012
Swallow & Babies were attacked
by: Anonymous

Just two weeks ago, I had two beautiful swallows nesting in a bird house (store bought swallow, blue bird house). I loved watching the beautiful floresent bluesh green swallows flying around together, they seemed so happy. Got back to our vacation home and found two young, featherless babies on the ground and one of the adult swallows feathers on the ground. It is obvious by the feathers that one of the adult swallows did not survive. After reading Do's & Don't's which say suet attracts predatory birds and never put it out. I blame myself for this, as just two weeks ago I put out some suet. I feel so bad and saddened. I would also like to comment on the post about the dead birds in a birdhouse. I had the same problem, luckly but sadly I had only one dead sparrow in it. These bird houses should be banned, I found that the whole/opening is too high from the bottom and the birds cannot get out once they fly in.
I have a Bewicks Wren that built a nest in the birdhouse next to our front steps, the front steps are off limits now. We use the back door. Researching the Bewicks Wren, They are native to Washington State but not to my area. This poor bird has been here singing for a mate for about 3-4 weeks. Thought he found a mate two weeks ago, but, it appears he's alone again. He just hangs around singing. Anyone know how long this poor Wren will do this before he decids to move on? Boy, the way the twigs are sticking outside of the birdhouse, no wonder he's alone, lol.

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