Susan, a bird lover

by Susan Steavpack
(McRae, Ga)

I've lived here in Middle Ga, for 30+ years, and know most all our birds, but today, I am stumped.

I watched these birds, for approx. 12 minutes as they flew between 2 areas where I have seed. They moved as a group, and there were four of them.
Here's their description: they had a round head. short bill like a junco, almost resembled the body shape. They were steel gray in color, and did not see any other color or markings, no wing bars, just steel gray, black beak, black eyes, and black feet. Their body was smaller than a cardinal, and approx. twice the size of a sparrow. I've looked in all my books and searched the web for all American birds, to no avail.
I hope you can help..., I would love to report this rare bird sighting, but have no idea what they are…

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