Strange little bird

by Anthony Gentry
(Huntsville, Al, USA)

I have a pair of noise little birds that look like a common Sparrow but have a long curved beak. They are very timid little creatures and dart in and out of the shrubbery and trees around the house. They definitely do not like my small furry long haired Chihuahua and are show their displeasure by making loud noises and moving their upper torso up and down- they probably think she is cat. I do have a couple of photos but not sure they are detailed enough to identify the species.

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Dec 22, 2016
Wren NEW
by: Bird Lover in Ohio

I have had both types of Wrens for years. Often the House Wren stays all winter long, they enjoy the feeders. I hang a "nutsie" log, a Suet log, use bark butter, have a thistle feeder and a feeder just for black oil sunflower seed. I have an abundance of birds and they are so much fun to watch.

Dec 21, 2016
ID Your Bird NEW
by: Anonymous

That is a Wren. If it is solid brown it is a house wren. If it has a brownish belly and a white stripe above its eye it's a Carolina Wren. If it has a white belly with the stripe over it's eye it's a Bewick's Wren. (Likely Carolina). I have a pair here in MO. They are at my feeder every day and I love my Carolina Wrens. House Wrens ONLY! are no good if you have Blue Birds. They will peck holes in their eggs and as small as they are they can remove the entire nest within a couple hours and take over. Carolina's and Bewick's don't do that. They are great little bug eaters to have around your house. They like to eat Mealworms like WALMART HAS Black Oil Sunflower seeds. Occasionally you find them with a small pc. of a peanut or eating from the peanut butter suet. I love my Carolina's.

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