Strange dancing birds NE Ohio

by Katie
(Cleveland, Ohio, United States)

These birds were about the size of a Robin, either perching songbirds or something like a wood pecker, with longer pointed beaks. They had reddish heads (not super bright, and they didnt have black and white wings like most woodpeckers) and were dancing around eachother, hopping and swaying back and forth with their tail feathers spread. When spread, the tail was a golden color. This was at a park in Cleveland, Ohio, near a nature center with forest and wetland.

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May 24, 2018
strange dancing birds ne ohio NEW
by: Brook

Hi Kate,

You were lucky enough to watch a mating dance, I'm envious. However, we will need more information on the bird to ID it.

Anything you can think of will help.
You say the wings were not black and white, wht color were they? Did you notice what color the breast was?

How long was the beak in comparison to the head? Half as long? longer? not even half as long as the head?

Did you happen to notice the shape of the head? was it round? or pointed? or crested?

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