by Marty

For the past year and a half or so, I have been purchasing pricey "no waste" bird food that contains no grains (the grain feed attracted rats). The place I usually buy it from is a bit inconvenient, so I decided to try buying relatively inexpensive bulk ingredients from the grocery store and mixing them together: raw pistachios, peanuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and dried raisins, cranberries or cherries. This has been partially effective. Right now, I am mostly getting chickadees, flickers, juncos, sparrows and finches. It seems to me that I used to get some wrens, blue jays, tits and starlings. At one point the starlings seemed to take over (which I didn't appreciate) but lately I don't see any of them. I'm not sure how many of these changes are due to season, and how many due to changes in feed formula. It would be helpful to me if your recipes contained a list of birds they attract, and mention of whether or not they attract rats.

Hi Marty; Good point. I do have this page, which tells which birds are attracted to various
foods; Bird Food Recipes
However, I will do a page on 'anti-starling' foods. Thanks for the suggestion. Susan
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Feb 18, 2011
Starlings and Suet
by: Anonymous

I have this new toy,Wingscapes WSCA02 BirdCam 2.0 with Flash

and it has opened up a new world for me in the birding world. I have a 21 year old hopper feeder that I have had out there in the yard for all 21 years. and I have noticed by feeding all types of bird food that Black Oil sunflower seeds are the number one choice for the more desirable

By watching videos and photos of this same feeder i have determined that sun flower seeds ALONE attract the nicer birds.The instant you use suet in your feeders you will get those starlings. I have watched those starlings walk right past sunflower seeds looking for the suet that I took away off that feeder to reduce the starlings.

I have 5 feeders with suet but these are away from the old reliable hopper feeder to keep those starlings away so the nicer birds can eat free of chaos.

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