Sparrows in the Blue Bird House!

by Pam
(Versailles, Ohio)

What can I do to get the Sparrows to keep

out of the Blue Bird house? Our new Blue Birds
have made a nest and now they are bothered by
Sparrows. Should I put an extension on the
entrance hole or can you give me another
Please help, I don't want to see the Blue Birds

This article has an interesting suggestion in combating sparrows;

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May 21, 2016
keeping out sparrows of blue bird house NEW
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the fishing line trick on my blue bird house. It works yeah!!!!!! Happy Blue birds

May 18, 2016
Thank you Medina NEW
by: Susan

What a great idea to keep sparrows out of the blue bird house. Will try this!
Thank you.

May 18, 2016
Build a spoofer for blue bird box NEW
by: Linda from Medina

Build a spoofer for your blue bird box- sparrows dislike the movement but it doesn't bother the bluebirds.

Nail a piece of wood, even a dowel, about 3-4 inches above the opening to the bluebird box.The wood should be about 8-10 inches long Cut strips of colored plastic or mylar and attach with tape (looks like a kite tail)to the dowel. The strips should hang down over the opening and will flap in the breeze. Seems very simple but it works ! Also keeps out wrens. We've used spoofers on all our bluebird boxes for over 8 years and they work !!!

Jul 28, 2015
Sparrows out of Bluebird houses
by: David Rowzee

If you drill a 2 inch hole in the roof of your bluebird house, it will keep the sparrows away. Sparrows don't like the light coming in, but doesn't bother the bluebirds.

Apr 17, 2015
How to make a slot box sparrow-resistant?
by: Deb in Delaware

My bluebird box has an opening that is a slot. It's supposed to be sparrow-resistant, but the house sparrows want it anyway. They have driven away my bluebirds, who had a lovely nest already built, no eggs yet, thank goodness! How can I make this box more resistant?

Apr 08, 2012
by: Anonymous


* 1
English Sparrow

Drive 4 small nails into the corners of the roof of your birdhouse, for a flat-topped roof. If you have a roof with a peak, you will need 6 nails. Drive 2 (one on each end) at the peak and 2 on each end of the downward slopes. If you have multiple roof surfaces and gables, you will need more to cover them all.
* 2
English Sparrow

Drive 2 nails about 4 inches apart on eaves with bird house opening between them.

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o Free Bird House Plans

Free step-by-step wood plans to build a simple bird house.
* 3

Create a web to protect the house from sparrows. House Sparrows have poor eyesight and, when they feel the fishing line with their feet and wings, they will leave. The web will NOT bother the bluebirds one bit, they have good eyesight and can see it, and will avoid it. It will not harm bluebirds in any way.
* 4
English Sparrow

LOOSELY tie the fishing line around the nails in the roof surface(s) so that it makes a perimeter around the edges, as well as an "x" across the plane of the roof. If you have a pitched roof, tie fishing line to the nails at each end of the peak. Do this for ALL roof surfaces and peaks (if you have gables) as you don't want to give sparrows any place to land.
* 5
English Sparrow

Tie a strand of fishing line to each nail near the entrance hole of the bird house. Each should be about 8" long. Leave the bottom end unattached so that the line can sway in the breeze.

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Read more: How to English Sparrow Proof a Bluebird House |

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