Small solid colored dark brown on top and solid lighter brown underneath. Very chatty bird.

by Gary Ryckewaert
(Bartlett, IL. USA)

Hello, we put up a birdhouse in a crabapple tree in our front yard, mostly for decoration, not thinking any birds would nest in it because it is only about 4-5 feet off the ground. Today I noticed a small solid colored bird making a nest inside. The bird is very chatty, dark brown on top and lighter brown underneath. It does have a mate that seems to be keeping its distance for the most part. We live in northwestern Illinois and the bird is about half the size of our sparrows. The sparrows seem to ignore them but I noticed there were a couple of Robins chasing them away at times...I hope they won't hurt the bird. Anyway, the one bird spent all afternoon finding nesting materials very diligently and chatting ALOT all afternoon. I tried taking a picture but she would either fly away or blend in to the tree and was not noticable on the photo. Anyone have any idea what type bird it is? I have heard this chirping is very quick and then slows down. There were times when she was chirping very fast and intently so much that I went outside to see if she was ok because she kind of sounded in distress. Thank you to anyone who would like to help. Some kind of finch or wren maybe?

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May 20, 2016
Thanks John NEW
by: Gary

Thanks for your reply John. I have been doing some research and that is definitely one that it may be. Thanks again.

May 20, 2016
Chatty Bird NEW
by: John

Sounds like you have a house wren.

They are fun to watch going in and out of a wren house and also have a very distinctive and beautiful song when they sing.

They are small but don't let their size fool you as they are a very feisty little bird!!

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