Small fluffy brown bird that chases away black birds

by Susan Carlisle
(Clearwater, KS)

In the back yard where we have multiple bird feeders, here were 6 small, fluffy, brown birds that were standing guard around the feeders & chasing away only the black birds. Any idea?

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May 20, 2015
small fluffy brown bird that chases away black birds
by: Brook

hi, we would need more info to help you ID your birds. What kind of black birds are you speaking of? A bird that is black or a species of blackbird? It is important to know because of the nature and behavior of different species of birds.

When you say little, can you tell us the approx. size? 3", 5"....? How many black birds? Are there nests nearby that you know of?

Unless someone from your immediate area knows what your fluffy birds are, I'm afraid we do need some more information. Anything helps.

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