Small brownish-grey bird with tuft

by Cindy Murray

July 7, 2018. I live about 22 miles outside of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, in Lower Burrell.

I have been putting out black oil sunflower seeds for the birds, on the porch roof outside my upstairs window.
A lot of finches come to eat, although only one or two ever come that have red on them. There are a lot of mourning dove, some grackle, and a few sparrow.
Only once, when I had put out some mango pieces, I saw a Cedar Waxwing. The very tip of its tail was bright yellow. I had never seen one before or since.
A few times I have seen a bright yellow and black Goldfinch. It looked like it was having trouble eating the sunflower seed.
For approximately the past month, a funny looking little bird has been coming to eat. He (or she) comes all by itself and eats with the other birds. I have never seen another one like it. Now, or ever in my life, and I am in my 50's.
It looks similar in size to a small cardinal. It has a tuft on its head that I can see go up and down. It is a very plain, funny brownish-grey color all over, and the underneath is lighter. There may be a hint of a reddish color on the tail and wings, but basically it looks like a funny little brownish-grey bird. Its beak is lighter, not dark black, and there are no markings or black on it. (It is not a female or juvenile Cardinal.)
I have tried to look it up online, but I can't seem to find it. What it looks like is an Oak or Juniper Titmouse, but I have read that they are only find in the western half of the U.S. Any ideas??

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Jul 10, 2018
small brownish-grey bird with tuft NEW
by: Brook


Birds within the same species vary greatly, sometimes with one individual looking grey and another looking brown. Some may look whitish underneath whereas another may look nearly the same color as the top.

Tufted Titmouse: I hope this is your bird

This bird's breast looks very white but some are grey and they do have a reddish hint in areas.

here are numerous pictures of the tufted titmouse:

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