Small brown bird with white ring around neck??

by Janz

The white ring is like a scarf around its neck . It comes alone after others leave

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Oct 27, 2017
Unknown bird
by: Anonymous

Saw a small flock of small brown birds with a white ring around their neck in our field after our soybeans we're harvested.
We live in Southeast Kansas.
I've never noticed them before.

Jun 11, 2017
Dancing bird with white ring protecting eggs
by: Anonymous

Saw I small brown bird with a white ring around uts neck and it was guarding two tan colored eggs with black spots mainly in on end on the eggs. The eggs were on the ground next to a fence in the open no nest or anything. The bird was on the other side of the fence. As I was investigating the eggs the bird began to this kind of dance. Fluttering its wings and lowering its head into the grass. While doing this it moved forward through the grass and then turn and stood back up and fluttered it wings again. It looked like to me like a mating dance like I've seen on National geograhic when birds do funny dances to get a mate. It was very interesting.

May 14, 2017
Think it is a Killdeer
by: Ginas

Saw one with the Canada Geese in Bergen County, NJ. Looks like a Killdeer in Sibley Guide book. Never saw one before and no mate w/ it. Walked like a robin or a sandpiper. Long spindly legs, bigger than a sparrow and slender. Long thin tail.

Jun 20, 2016
sm bird with white ring
by: Anonymous

small brown bird with white collar took over a nest that another small bird had vacated when her babies left the nest, This one laid eggs and has babies too. Is it unusual for a bird to move in to an empty nest that another bird just left and hatch eggs within weeks? The nest is on a ledge over a door. We live in N Miss.

May 11, 2016
Bird with white ruff and sporadic white feathers
by: Kat

We have pictures of what seems like a mutant Robin in SE Wisconsin that kinda fits that description.

He has a fairly wide white ruff around his neck, red breast and one or two white flight feathers on each side with the rest dark. His tail feathers are white on one side and dark on the other. Has the classic robin eye & beak. Spotted May of 2016

Apr 13, 2016
White ring around neck
by: ct 2016

Larger than a sparrow. Seen near parking lot. Brown slender bird with white ring around neck, some black. I think it's a Killdeer.

Jan 31, 2016
white neck ring, sparrow?
by: Anonymous

Ground feeder with house sparrows, looks otherwise like a house sparrow, with a little white on the shoulder, but only the single bird w distinctive white collar. ?? Boise, ID

Oct 09, 2015
Bird with white ring
by: Anonymous

While hunting saw a small brown bird feeder on the ground, hanging around heavy brush. Has a distict white ring around neck and amwhite strip down its tail. Very shy. Sparrow size or slightly bigger

Apr 10, 2014
What kind of bird
by: Anonymous

I saw a small dark colored bird with a white ring around his neck and a dark strip across his eye.

Jun 15, 2013
seen in wisconsin
by: Anonymous

Bird seen on
On tree trunk digging for insects

Apr 03, 2013
Small brown bird with white ring also seen
by: JILL

I also saw this bird this morning in Lower Nazareth,Pa. Tanish brown with white ring around its' neck. Any idea what the name of this bird is?

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