Rose Breasted Grosbeaks in Trussville, AL

by Julie

May 4, 2013 - We've had a group of Rose Breasted Grosbeaks visiting our feeders for over 3 weeks now. We have seen as many as 8 individuals at one time. Last weekend, I was able to see and photograph 4 females & 3 males together at one time.
We have several feeders with a variety of food: a commercial nut, fruit & berry blend; basic finch-type food (millet, sunflower seeds); a couple of suet feeders that I have been filling with various suet/seed/fruit blends; and a seed block. The grosbeaks are sampling all of it! Last weekend, I had squirrel "ka-bob" - a corn & sunflower seed brick - to try to divert squirrels. The grosbeaks went for it - I don't think the squirrels ever got a chance!
This week, my husband was able to video and photograph a grosbeak showing the red flashes under his wing - the bird was sitting on a branch and trying to get suet. Instead of sitting on the suet cage, he was flapping his wings and stretching for the bottom of the feeder. Pretty clown-like behavior for such a regal looking bird. We have thoroughly enjoyed the grosbeaks and the Indigo Bunting they seem to have brought with them. Thanks for giving me a chance to share our observations.

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May 01, 2014
Indigo Bunting? NEW
by: Anonymous

Thank you for posting what I have seen as well here in New Market, AL. My husband was wanting to know if I really saw an Indigo Bunting or was it really a Blue Grosbeak? Not sure.

Apr 28, 2014
rose breasted grosbeaks in elrod,alabama NEW
by: Anonymous

We saw four of these pretty birds at our bird feeder. Had to look them up to find out what they were. It seemed that all were males.. Maybe one immature male.

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