Rose Breasted GrosBeak a Peoples Bird

by Joshua Stephens
(Albion, Mi, USA)

Hello, my name is Josh, I'm 24 and live in a small town in Central Michigan, yesterday (a nasty chilly and wet day) I noticed a Beautiful bird on my back-yard feeder, so I went and grabbed the camera, me not knowing too many types of birds I do love them, I took a few shots, and the bird just kinda stared at me, like it wanted it's picture taking. So I then decide to get a little closer, and took another shot, and then did it again, when all said and done I was nearly six (6) inches from a wild bird. I was excited and ran in to show my girlfriend how close I got.

Today I step out side (again chilly and wet) and what looks to be the same bird is in the yard. So I stared to walk up to it. The bird started to hop (not fly) but was letting me get close. After a few feet it stops, and I reach down and pick it up. It did try using its beak to nibble at my fingers, but then it was OK and calm. I open the door and yell to my girlfriend to come see what I have. She comes out and was excited, and went and got some black oil sunflower seed in her hand. The Rose Breasted Grosbeak then eats from her hand, she was cold, and gave me the seed and went in, and watched from the door and the bird jumped on my palm and started eating from my hand. After 10 minuets it had enough and flew away.

Hopefully tomorrow when I step outside, I will have the Joy and excitement to see and interact with this beautiful bird once more.

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May 14, 2013
Red breasted grosbeak NEW
by: K.beatty

I have four bird feeders on my deck. I feed birds all winter, my wife and I can watch them all day. Last week a bird came in that had never seen. It wasn't afraid of me what a beautiful bird. It stayed a long time, I had to find out about it, thanks to your site I now know what it is thanks I live in st. Clair county close to Canadian border lots of birds!!!! THANKS!!!!!!

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