Red bird, orange beak with grey head

by Anne
(Western MA)

This bird came for a visit today to Western Ma.

He/she was feeding on the ground.

Does anyone know what it is?

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Aug 11, 2016
what species is it?
by: Anonymous

We had a large (robin sized) bird in our flowering crabapple seed feeding tree today. It's beak was the brightest orange as was it's whole body orange toned down with grey. I thought it might be a caged bird on the loose. Any thoughts out there?

Aug 11, 2016
Uniontown, Ohio reporting in.
by: Brennl

I just saw this bird at my feeder. I thought I heard him her chirp which sounds like a Cardinals. Bright orange pink body, small gray head and bright orange beak. Size and type looked like that of a grosbeak.

Aug 09, 2016
by: Anonymous

I have this bird too. It's new to our feeder this year. It's the male. There is also a female. I live in Ontario Canada and am wondering if it is a bird that is common to the US but is beginning to migrate North

Aug 03, 2016
Mystery red bird
by: Rob Ulp

August 3, 2016 Southeast Rochester, NY 90F

All red bird, larger than Cardinal. Soft gray head with orange cardinal-like beak. It was sitting in the hot sun with its feathers fluffed out and bill open and panting. Curious as shade and a birdbath were 3 feet away. Retreated to tall ground foliage.
Soon appeared at cylindrical seed feeder but was awkward due to its size. We could not see if it actually ate. Cardinals feed at this feeder daily.

We also have a 'trans-gender' Cardinal which has a beautiful mix of female coloring highlighted with
strong red accents throughout.

Aug 02, 2016
Seen here in Oswego, NY
by: Anonymous

I saw same type twice in the last week

Jul 29, 2016
I had one too - in Bedford, NY
by: Bedford, NY

I thought it was a cross between a cardinal and a cowbird because we had a cardinal raising a cowbird this year. This is a most remarkable bird - unlike any we have ever had! Does anyone know what it is?

Sep 07, 2015
what is it?
by: Anonymous

I just saw the same bird feeding on the ground around the bird feeder. very bright orange beak. It was joined by a much redder bird with the same head and shape. Kansas city area

Aug 28, 2015
I also have one in mechanics burg pa
by: Betsy clark

At first I though it was an escaped small parrot ....then I thought it was a mutant Cardinal. The most unusual bird I have ever seen....loves sunflowers seeds

Aug 09, 2015
Same in GA
by: Jen

Just moved from IL and thought we were seeing a female Cardinal except no head feathers. Loud chirping going on, feeding at the feeder we put up at the new house. Live in a heavily treed area in North Georgia. Would love to know what this is!

Aug 07, 2015
Carrollton Georgia
by: Elaine

We have one of these birds feeding at our feeder.

Aug 01, 2015
mystery bird
by: Gerri

i just spotted this same bird under my feeder in Ocean County New Jersey! At first glance I thought it was a cardinal, but when I got out my binoculars, I saw a smooth grey head and large orange beak! A mystery!

Jul 12, 2015
Same bird in CT!
by: Anonymous

I have a bird that comes to my feeders that matches this body, grey head, large orange beak. At first I thought it was a cardinal with the feathers missing from its head. Closest I could find was a summer tanager. does anyone else have any ideas? It is an odd-looking bird!

Jun 24, 2015
gray head/bright red orange body
by: Anonymous

Saw this bird pecking at mulch around trees in front of my house. It had light gray head and bright red/orange body, about the size of a finch. Did not have time to get a photo. Does anyone know what kind of bird this would be??

Columbus Twp., MI
(near Richmond, MI

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