Red bellied woodpecker in Nova Scotia

by Jean
(Kentville, Nova Scotia, Canada)

Twice in the last 2 weeks (Nov.2016) I have seen what I believe is a female red bellied woodpecker. Never saw one before, my bird book says they only come as far north as the south eastern US. She was eating suet from the feeder outside my window. Beautiful bird! Will try to get a picture if she stays around here.

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Nov 20, 2016
Woodpecker food NEW
by: Anonymous

Here in southwest Missouri, We have Red Bellied, Red Headed, Hairy's and Downey's. In the last year, we have had pairs of all at our platform feeder except the Red Bellied. We have one that shows himself often. I just saw him today 11/20/16, on the side of a tree but he doesn't come to our feeder like the rest of them. The Red Headed and the Hairy's stayed for about 2 months back in the spring and the Downey stays all the time. We have about 4 Downey's regularly and one roosts in a birdhouse about 10 feet directly in front of our kitchen window. We watch her go to bed at night and get up every morning and sometimes she sticks her head out and we talk to her. We have 4 Bluebirds that come every day to get their dried mealworm fix and they get inside the downey house and eat her suet pieces that she stores up. All the Woodpeckers like Peanut Butter Suet and Unsalted peanuts broken up into smaller pieces.

Nov 20, 2016
I was surprised to find them in Boston... NEW
by: Margaret Mariam I can imagine your pleasure having them in your yard. And, you are totally correct, suet is one of their favorites!

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