Protecting the Doves

by paula
(louisville, ky, usa)

My daughter and I have had the same two doves (I am assuming since they are so comfortable around us)build a nest among the flowers on my 6 ft tall plant stand. We still sit on the porch and our dog wanders in and out but she seems unafraid. I do take precautions when my teen has friends over and move the table so that they are not intrusive.

It seems if the "word is out" that we will not bother them but they will be safe from most weather if they nest here. This year the three birdhouses have nests in them and the two bird baths that were stored under my deck also have nests. The little dove was even out there before it got warm this year but she never left her eggs. They really are beautiful and we leave their nest from year to year. The first time I heard her call, I thought it was an owl that was far away since it was so soft.

Yesterday I went to water some petunias that I had in containers on the far side of the deck and there was a pretty huge snake in one of them. I am pretty sure from matching pictures that is was a rat snake of the very big mature variety. I ran to to the store right away and got snake repellent and moth balls (probably an old wives tale, but I did not want to take chances) and surrounded the areas where the nests are to keep the snakes away. And I kept the lights on all night out there in case they feed at night because it had made no move to attack them in the just watched.

Now after a bad windstorm, one of the babies has been blown out of the nest. I am searching for the best way to put her back so that snakes don't get her. I know not to touch her with my hands, but there must be some way to get her back up there with the other baby. Does anybody have any suggestions.

I have taken pictures of her over the last couple of years and will get them loaded into the computer later and share them. I am so glad to find others that see the wonder in such special little birds.

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Jun 19, 2010
you can
by: Anonymous

You can touch the baby bird since the mother is so used to you.

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