Possible woodpecker seen today Feb. 11Th 2018

by Leslie
(Birmingham, Alabama, The United States of America)

It t was possibly a female woodpecker. Blueish grey on top of head, the rest of the head was light brown/tan. Neck was a wide darck black but bright red on back of neck. Breast area was light brown/tan with dark black spots evenly spaced. The bird was slightly larger than a cardinal. It also had a slightly long sharply pointed slim beak.

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Feb 14, 2018
possible woodpecker seen today feb. 11th 2018 NEW
by: Brook


It is a Northern Flicker and they in the woodpecker family. However it is a male, the females don't have the red cape on their head.

Feb 12, 2018
Possible Woodpecker
by: Lisa

I believe you may be seeing a Flicker! They are part of the woodpecker family and they’re beautiful!

Feb 11, 2018
What kind of bird was it that I saw.
by: AnonLeslieymous

It was suggested it might be be a type of finch. Aren't they rather small? This was bigger than a cardinal and robin but slightly smaller than a blackbird. It was beautiful. Thank you Lord for the wonderful things you have created.

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