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Peanut Butter On A Stick

by Taya Titchenell
(Frazeysburg , Ohio )

Birds love this treat I make it all the time. In winter is when they love it the most.

You Will Need:

* A good size stick,break off the sticks that are on it.
* Peanut butter smooth or chunky it doesn't matter.
* Bird seed and or peanuts,raisins,fruit ect.
* String to tie on the stick.
* Knife to put on the peanut butter.

After you have everything put the string on, hang it up somewhere. Then spread the peanut butter on the stick, make sure there are spaces on the stick so the bird can perch without getting peanut butter on their feathers. Get your seed and other things you want to put on it and put it in your hand and put it on the peanut butter. When you are done hang it up outside and watch as birds enjoy the treat you made for them.
P.S. in winter you might have to make it every day if birds love it in your area.

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