I have 2 white mourning doves. I think both are females. I get 4. Eggs per month. They do not build nests the just set on highest perch and drop an egg like they were pooping. Would life to see them nest and lay eggs in nest.

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Feb 22, 2017
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by: Anonymous

Are you referring to "cage birds"? If so I don't know if there are white mourning doves except for an occasional albino, just saying but not sure about that.
As for eggs, if they are females the eggs can never be fertilized and that may be why they never make a nest and instead just produce them and let them fall. If there are males, then they aren't incubating the eggs because for some reason they may not be fertilized and birds know this some way.
I had a female Love Bird who became extremely aggressive every month or so when she would lay her unfertilized egg on the cage floor. I'd have to reach in with LEATHER GLOVES and remove it or she would be so nasty we could not allow her out of the cage because she would attack. Please provide info.

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