Orange billed bird

by Sarah
(Duxbury, MA)

Massachusetts sighting

This is at our feeder. No crest and it looks like an Exuadorian bird but can that be? Please help. We are in southeast Massachusetts.

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Aug 24, 2016
orange billed bird NEW
by: Brook

The female cardinal has a large orange beak and if she is molting this makes sense. The evening grosbeak doesn't have an orange, orange bill it is more of a brownish or darker flesh color but can be pinkish. Keep in mind that each bird differs.

here are pictures of both:

evening grosbeak:;=1&safe;=active&biw;=1184&bih;=540&tbm;=isch&imgil;;=iu&pf;=m&fir;=BweLm4JgYNZvKM%253A%252CPcY4JU74LLRmrM%252C_&usg;=__oRw0XBFX8zsYs4OvG7DqwLpCc58%3D&ved;=0ahUKEwiHj73pptnOAhUUR2MKHcEmAZsQyjcINQ&ei;=ZS69V8fICpSOjQPBzYTYCQ#imgrc=BweLm4JgYNZvKM%3A

female cardinal:;=1&safe;=active&tbm;=isch&imgil;;=iu&pf;=m&fir;=CmST3OHrXxomSM%253A%252Cks3jdSjCBn1eBM%252C_&usg;=__akA1gY98X91UmJn04Xlg87GSnMY%3D&biw;=1184&bih;=540&ved;=0ahUKEwiul8TWp9nOAhVO4GMKHWyICwUQyjcIXw&ei;=SS-9V-7ONc7AjwPskK4o#imgrc=CmST3OHrXxomSM%3A

this is a link for further info on the cardinal:

Aug 22, 2016
by: AuntGiki

it's a female cardinal. she's moulting that's why her head is bald and there's no crest

Aug 22, 2016
Thank you, John NEW
by: Margaret Mariam

I'm in Northeast Massachusetts, and I would have written, if I had seen one at my feeders, too.

Thanks for identifying it, John.

Aug 22, 2016
Orange billed bird NEW
by: John

Appears you have an Evening Grosbeak at your feeder feeding on black oiler sun flowers which they love.

Grosbeaks are known for their larger conical bill for cracking open sun flower seeds like the Cardinal which also has a conical type bill it can also have a colored bill accounting for the orange coloration.

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