old bread?

My neighbor puts lots of old bread out for the birds. There aren't as many birds as there used to be. Could the bread be the cause. I know she was feeding the squirrels salted peanuts and they are all gone now. I am concerned as I would like to feed the birds if they were here. Thank you, Myra ODowd

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Jan 09, 2015
old bread? NEW
by: Brook

There is absolutely no nutrition that birds can derive from bread and it can bloat their stomach and kill them. So fresh bread is very bad for them and it being that they feel full they don't eat the nutritious food the need so they won't make it through the winter. If bread gets any mold on it the mold most definitely kills them much sooner.

Nature's peanuts are not salted and squirrels and birds that eat peanuts aren't able to process the salt.

Jan 09, 2015
old bread? NEW
by: Bettie Watts

I don;'t know about salted peanuts,but I do feed my birds some bread along with the seed,and it doesn't seem to affect them. Read the article on this page to your left about ATTRACTING BIRDS:BIRD FOOD and see if that helps you. Have fun birding! It's great!

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