North Georgia Bird - What kind?

by Holly
(Cleveland Georgia)

I recently moved to north Georgia and I'm seeing all kinds of birds that I've never seen before. I'm thrilled!! I've usually been able to type in a description of the bird and find the name and info on it. BUT today a new bird showed up at my feeders and I cannot find him in a list, with photos, of north Georgia birds so, I hope y'all can help.

I will include a picture but it is a bad one because I took it on my phone. When I first saw this beauty, I actually thought it was a small hawk. The only problem was, he was eating out of the feeder and the other birds weren't afraid of him. He is kind of a medium brown color on top with tiny black streaks. He has a whitish belly and chest. He also has, what I say looks like eyeliner, in white and black in thin stripes going down around his eyes making a perfect V. He is larger than most of the birds coming to the feeders, other than the Doves and Blue Jays. There was a Rose Breasted Grosbeak that came up to feed and the new, unidentified bird, was bigger than him, if that helps with size. I truly thought it was some sort of hawk by his size and color, until I saw his "eyeliner." When I looked up birds from around here, I found the Smith's Longspur but it's definitely not one of those. The markings are different on the face and finer in detail than the Longspur. Can anyone identify him?

Again, I'm sorry about the poor picture quality. I grabbed my phone and took it through the window.

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Apr 30, 2015
north georgiabird - what kind?
by: Brook

The picture is of a Red-Breast Nuthatch. To positive ID it for yourself type into your sear bar: "picture of red breasted nuthatch" or "picture of red breasted grosbeak"

Apr 30, 2015
North Georgia Bird - What kind?
by: Diane from Canada

It looks like a female Rose Breasted Grosbeak. She would be larger than the male.

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