North Central Minnesota

Mr. and Mrs. Pileated

Mr. and Mrs. Pileated

We have lived in this home for 12 years and have had a pair of Pileateds coming to our feeders every year all winter long. They are here all year round. but don't come to the seed feeders during the summer. When it gets warmer in the spring the fat feeders start turning rancid and drip on the sidewalk and into my iris garden, so I take them down and clean them up. I feel bad for the Pileateds' tho ,but have no idea what to put out for them in the summer time.

I have heard that they like peanut butter sandwiches and fruit. I don't think I can afford that much peanut butter, (for them and me) but I could buy old fruit if I knew what kind they would enjoy. I have also heard that they like to eat hornets and wasps, But personally, I really don't want to have those around the house.

Could someone please suggest a tasty summer snack for the Pileated?
I would love to keep them coming to the house all year long.

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Jan 03, 2017
north central minnesota NEW
by: Brook

Here is a link to a very reputable site and if you scroll down it will give you ideas on what to feed them. Remember that they like local fruit and nuts the best

Jan 01, 2017
Non drip Suet NEW
by: Margaret Mariam

I feed suet year round - and I use "suet dough" made by C&S. It doesn't drip or melt. And the ground feeding birds get whatever falls.

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